seed swap

anyone interested in trading some seeds or seedlings? I have a lot of different stuff, especially flowers and gigantic kohlrabi, but would like some herbs + things.

just reply to this post if you're interested ~ maybe we could set something up for the next class on April 30th?

point of interest, sorrel seeds are the coolest I've seen in a while ~ little black prisms of [hopefully perennial] lettuce.


  1. Mel Dunn here Happy Spring to ALL. I have an array of veggie seedlings and herbs. Looking for chucks of chives, rubarb, and Hops. Plant list includes: dill,cilantro,basil,borage,tomatoes heirloom varities, pepper;habernroes, japenos,krama, big green

  2. I'd be interested in swapping! I'll bring some stuff on the 30th and you can see if there's anything you'd like.

  3. I will also be bringing seedling to trade or donate. I have lots of tomatoes and egg plant and would love to get some other flowers or vegetables.