Welcome Urban Farmers. This blog is designed to be a social forum for everyone in the 2011 PRI Urban Farming Class.

You will be able to create posts after you sign in (at the top right). You can add pictures, links, video clips, or audio, really anything from the internet or from your personal computer.

How to Use Me (this blog):

  • Become a follower! Just add your email address on the right hand side of the blog. This way, when people post things that are relevant to you, you will receive an email that tells you to look at the blog.
  • You are invited to be an author already. Just accept the invitation (it was sent to your email account), create a profile, and you are ready to start posting. (If you do not have a gmail account, you will be prompted to create one. You can route your email from gmail straight to your regular address. If you have trouble with this, email Lora. She will show you the way)
  • To Post: Just sign in and click on "New Post". Write what you want to write, add pictures using the "add image" button (picture of a landscape), add video using the "add video" button (picture of a negative), add links using the "link" button (chain links with the earth behind it). All of these buttons are located to the right of the "font" button.
  • When you are finished writing, Add Labels (at the bottom of your New Post section). Click on "Show All", and get a list of all the blog labels. Choose which ones fit, and label appropriately! This part is VERY important, because the buttons on the right side of the homepage (look at them, to the right) are linked to the labels that you post (so if you don't label, no one will be able to find your post).
  • Then Publish!
  • You can comment on any Post, or create your own post as a response. Let's make this forum a place where we can be students and teachers, researchers and experimenters!

Happy Farming!

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