Name that Pest!

Thought I'd throw a post out here and see if anyone can tell what's eating my tomato leaves? This is the appearance of nearly all the foilage that's close to the ground.

The mid-upper parts of the plants look great and healthy, and the plants are flowering well with lots of baby tomatoes growing. I've probably spent only about 3 minutes looking around my garden for pests recently and have seen: slugs, japanese beetles, lady bugs (not a pest I know!). I found one slug ON a tomato plant, but the japanese beetles I saw were on other plants (beans, sugar snap peas).I have a great bug book that shows photos of the damage they do and this doesn't look like the slug damage in my book. Hmmm.... Thoughts?


  1. It looks like tomato blight:


    Good luck!!

  2. Yup, someone else told me that already! Glad I got it figured out. Funny I've never experienced it before. I plucked all the affected leaves off this morning so fingers crossed...